The Shop is Beautiful

It’s been a slow, rainy day here at Imagine. When I came back to the shop after my lunchtime break, there was a gaggle of young people in the store sitting around our front table and eating raspas from Oasis, the wonderful water store two doors down. One of them left smiling with a copy of Woodstock under his arm. Then two delightful young women came in and sat in the back corner reading while I played John Lee Hooker and Clarence Gatemouth Brown, by request. A fresh pot of coffee fills the store with a rich aroma.

I stepped outside for a moment and looked back inside Imagine. The shop is beautiful. So many people remark on the special quality of Imagine. I tell them that quality is here because this store was built with so much love. Over and over again, people have given so much to the store. Especially young people. From all the performers to the many, many people who attend our shows. When we put the store together, there was a literal army of youth helping us every step along the way.

Recently, I put together a new banner for our shop, the photo you see here. This is only a sampling of the literally thousands of photos I had to choose from, but I think it conveys the beautiful spirit of this unique bookstore.

It’s gray and gloomy now. It’s been raining on and off all day, but Imagine shines. 


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