There are those remarkable books that open up the world of reading for us. Here are a just a few. Which book did this for you?  
I doubt many of you will remember this, but this was my first venture into the world of small business. Earwax Records was located in the Eisenhauer Road Flea Market. We were only open on weekends because I was still teaching at the time. My partner in this venture was Rusty Hoke. We each invested about $500 in acquiring our stock and the record cabinets and opened up the world’s smallest record shop. I think we had about 1000 records at our peak. We were only open for 6 months before I lost my partner! I had a great time, though we never made much money out of it. My fondest memory is when Rusty and I bought more than 3000 records from a thrift store in Natalia, Texas. We loaded them all into my van and drove home where I had my wife, Irma, round up all the neighborhood kids to help unpack it all into the garage. One other unforgettable moment involved a house close to where my parents lived that was about to be torn down. My mother called to tell me she’d heard there were some records that had been left behind by the previous owners. When I got to the house, the workers told me to check one of the closets. I still cannot believe I actually went into that darkened hole and began to pull out armfuls of records, brushing insects and spider webs away from face and arms. But I got them all out. Of course, most of them had to be thrown away because they were too far gone (warped, water damaged, eaten by the aforementioned insects). The real prize however was an original pressing of Magical Mystery Tour! I still think back on Earwax Records fondly. Rusty and I had a great time together and we met some great record people along the way. Hey, we opened next door to a pirate shop! It doesn’t get much better than that. Today, the Earwax sign my wife made for our humble shop hangs in the office at Imagine. 


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