As we approach the end of another year, it’s the perfect time to look back over the past 12 months. A year ago, Imagine has just opened its doors. It was a great holiday season full of promise for a new beginning. We were also about to host our first show, the inaugural edition of Dali’s Moustache.

 I always had in mind that Imagine would be something like a miniature version of City Light’s Books in San Francisco. This legendary bookstore is owned by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, one of the world’s finest poets. It is much more than a bookstore. City Lights is also a fine press and has published many important and controversial titles over the decades. In addition to this, the store also features many readings and live performances each year.

While Imagine cannot boast a world-famous poet and our publishing venture is just getting under way, I am proud to say we have now hosted more than two dozen shows, in our first year alone! And there’s so much more to come. This spring, we will offer our next title from Toad Press, A Studebaker to Bristol by the poet Larry E. Engle. We have four shows already slated for the month of January. There might even be a new spoken word release on our Red Wheelbarrow record label.

The future looks bright, and once again our holidays are filled with a sense of gratitude to all those who have made this dream come alive. As the new year approaches, we are committed to brining even more poetry and music to our stage, to supporting the arts as no bookstore in San Antonio has ever done. So Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a new year from the Hurd Family and all of us at Imagine Books and Records, the City Lights of San Antonio (well, sort of). 


Fernando Flores is a terrific poet and a good friend of Imagine. At the last Dali's Moustache, Fernando read a great poem especially written to celebrate our monthly poetry/music performance series. I'm really honored to present that poem here.

Dali’s Moustache

(Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech)


Genealogy aside

The name itself

Is quite the ride

& if that is not enough

Can anyone remember

What soft melting pocket watches

Have to do with The Persistence of Memory

 In a most prominent painting

On display at the MoMA NYC

& can you imagine anthropomorphic bread

Instead silly elephants

Plod ridiculously stilted on mosquito like legs

Through a Martian desert

Any step might be their last

& that bust-like portrait of Picasso

With a monolithic cube balanced on his head

As his brain stem lolly gags out his mouth

Ending in a spoon with a tiny mandolin on the

Tip while his tongue dips down


What fun surrealism

Must have been

Painting what popped into

Your questionably unsuspecting head

The dubious unconscious

Hovering highly conscious

Of where the ego was headed

—ergo—conscientious of its

Inonsequential needs

The liberation of the artistic

Dream—a mish mash scheme--

As unconscionably cool as

Dali’s mustaccio



© 2012 Fernando Esteban Flores


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