I was told last night that I had a kinetic mind, from Jose Vargas a undocumented immigrant who spoke at St. Mary's University. I advise everyone to hear what he has to say.

Getting to the point, I would like to describe what I see and think when I walk around this store. I see the world of possibilities my teachers told me of when I was in elementary, the world where I can be a philosopher, where I can venture into the world of literature and come up with something that may not have been written down yet. I can be a chef if I wanted to by walking five feet from this computer, or learn of the Persian Gulf War or the Civil War, any history!  I could learn how to draw and paint and be the next Leonardo if I put my mind to it. 
So I suppose what I'm trying to get out is, when you come to this book store think of the possibilities the books can bring you.

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