Dear Patrick Bateman,

It is with sincere regret that we have to infom you that Billy Joel's magnum opus, The Stranger, has been purchased by a customer with a greater apreciation of Mr. Joel's genius than yourself. 
Congratulations to Drew on his purchase.

Also snagged today by Frank:
We must also bid a fond farewell to Omar Khorshid With Love, which was recently featured in our Staff Recommendations.
Here are the some of the more interesting books we got in this week.
FIrst up the Oxford Book of Science Fiction Stories. This collection contains many notable short stories from the likes of Wells, Clark, and Niven. These stories help trace the development of the sci-fi genre from it's infancy to the end of the 20th Century.

Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys is a collection of true stories about heros of old, from Thermopylae to Omaha Beach. The use of these tales are meant to give boys an understanding of manhood through the ages and present them with emulatable heros.

Next up is a pair of books about religious organizations that have a shade of suspicion about them. Clausen's Commentaries on Morals and Dogma is a guide to Freemasonary as written by Sovereign Grand Commander, 33rd Degree, Henry C. Clausen. Heavily illustrated, Clausen discusses the history and morality of the Masons.

What is Scientology? discusses the history and basic beliefs of Scientologists.  Thetans and E-Meters are discussed but nothing on Xenu and his space cruisers. It is also heavily illustrated, including pictures of many of the life changing books the Church of Scientology has to offer as well as an extensive section on the life of L. Ron Hubbard.

Coming soon- our new arrivals in records.
Welcome to the first installment of our new ongoing series Staff Picks. Each  week or so the staff here at Imagine Books and Records will select a book and a record to recommend. This week's picks feature the first history book, the debut album of one of the 80's most popular bands, a volume of stories about the world's most famous detective, and a collection of songs by a Middle Eastern guitar legend.
Bishop's Picks: The Histories and Dire Straits

The Histories of Herodotus is prehaps best known for being the first history book, famed for its depiction of the Persian Wars, including the last stand of the 300 Spartans. Herodotus gives a detailed overview of the Greek world with special emphasis placed on tthe cultures and beliefs of neighboring nations, such as Persia and Egypt .We have the venerable Macaulay translation and Selincourt's more modern translation available.

Dire Straits in the 1978 debut album from the British rock band of the same name. This record contains two of the group's biggest hits "The Sultans of Swing" and 'Waters of Love" which are both greats tunes, especially "Sultans." Overall the record had down home feel that comes with Dire Straights particular brand of light rock. This is the kind of music you play while relaxing on the porch during the early evening while drinking your adult beverage of choice.

Don's Picks: The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes and Omar Khorshid With Love.

Fans of the recent BBC production "Sherlock" can revisit the great fictional detective in a collection that brings together 37 short stories and the greatest Holmes novel penned by Conan Doyle, Hound of the Baskervilles.  This volume includes all 356 illustrations produced for the Strand Magazine by Sidney Paget.  The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes is not the most complete collection, but it does contain most of the truly great Holmes stories, including "A Scandal in Bohemia," "The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual," "The Red-Headed League," and many more.  Paget's image of holmes in the Strand have influenced every production featuring the great detective so it's quite a treat to see them all collected here.  

What can I say about Omar Khorshid?  Frankly, I am shocked that this record is still in the shop.  Khorshid, who died in 1981 at the age of thirty-six, was known as the king of Arabic Guitarists.  One listen will tell you why.  When I listen to Khorshid, I am reminded of such diverse talents as Dick Dale and Ali Akbar Khan.  Our disc is titled "Omar Khorshik with Love" and engineered by the legendary Nabil Moumtaz for the Voices of Lebanon label.   This is a staff favorite that we will miss when it's gone. 

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