Fernando Flores is a terrific poet and a good friend of Imagine. At the last Dali's Moustache, Fernando read a great poem especially written to celebrate our monthly poetry/music performance series. I'm really honored to present that poem here.

Dali’s Moustache

(Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech)


Genealogy aside

The name itself

Is quite the ride

& if that is not enough

Can anyone remember

What soft melting pocket watches

Have to do with The Persistence of Memory

 In a most prominent painting

On display at the MoMA NYC

& can you imagine anthropomorphic bread

Instead silly elephants

Plod ridiculously stilted on mosquito like legs

Through a Martian desert

Any step might be their last

& that bust-like portrait of Picasso

With a monolithic cube balanced on his head

As his brain stem lolly gags out his mouth

Ending in a spoon with a tiny mandolin on the

Tip while his tongue dips down


What fun surrealism

Must have been

Painting what popped into

Your questionably unsuspecting head

The dubious unconscious

Hovering highly conscious

Of where the ego was headed

—ergo—conscientious of its

Inonsequential needs

The liberation of the artistic

Dream—a mish mash scheme--

As unconscionably cool as

Dali’s mustaccio



© 2012 Fernando Esteban Flores



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10/09/2014 09:23

I like the imaginative ideas used by the writer.


I'm glad come on your blog, very inspiring, thank you so much


Fernando Flores is a remarkable poet of imaginations, I will say hiking of the imagination. The poem is Imaginative the dreams in a very interesting way and the poet has the total command on imagining the things.

03/20/2015 05:27

The web site is extremely informative and is a superb preview of what is to come!

06/29/2015 05:53

Fernando Flores is such a talented poet. People who attended this event were so lucky to hear home read a poem. This particular poem you posted on your blog is excellent. It really takes an imaginative poet to make your imagination fly with a words. I hope to someday attend one of Mr Fernando Flores' personal appearances.


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